KnightS* adds new CS:GO team

Since KnightS* Gaming was founded it has been our speciality to scout upcoming talents and prepare them for professional eSports. That we have a talent for scouting upcoming talents is shown by some of our players who made it to professional eSports. One of these players is Sander ‘Prophecy’ de Munck. He managed to make the step from the KnightS* Call of Duty team to the Fnatic Counter-Strike: Source team. Fnatic’s Counter-Strike: Source team is one of the best in the world! Another example is our ex-FIFA player Mark ‘vnX’ Schalken who was picked up by the professional British eSports organization Dignitas after many years of playing for KnightS*. Next to Mark and Sandor KnightS* has had many more players who showed their potential and were picked up by professional eSports organizations such as: LowLandLions, suXus, h2k-gaming, DOK-gaming, Antwerp Aces, myRevenge e.V. and wNv Teamwork.

Our new team is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team from Denmark. All the players have potential and are likely to leave a footprint in professional eSports. The team will be representing KnightS* Gaming in CEVO today! in the In the upcoming months the team will also attend other competitions like ESL, Go4CS:GO and much more.

KnightS* Academy presents their first CS:GO Line-up:
Nikolaj ‘Zake‘ Jensen (Team Captain)
Jacob ‘Slize‘ Jensen
Miklas ‘m1kker‘ Bøgvald
Martin ‘dfg‘ Skyrme
Mikkel ‘KENZYY‘ Karlsson

Statement of Nikolaj ‘Zake’ Jensen:
“A special thanks to Knights for giving us all this oppertunity to be able to represent an organisation with such prestige. Shoutout to Richard aka. Nafy. You keep turning lights on in the dark & long tunnel! Cheers mate! Thanks to all of our supporters for still being with us, even though it’s been a rough road. You guys keeps us going!”

In the upcoming months you will hear more about these guys we truly believe this is a team to keep your eye on. Stay tuned on our website, Facebook and Twitter to read how the new team is doing!

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  1. Welcome Guys!! GL&HF

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