KnightS* CS:GO with a new addition!

Our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, recently had to make a roster change. The new addition is a known face on the danish scene better known as Jesper ‘keleNt‘ Hansen. He will be the new in-game leader. With his years of experience and skill he will be a great addition to the team as we will be able to push the team potential even further.

KnightS* Academy presents their CS:GO Line-up:

Nikolaj ‘Zake‘ Jensen
Jacob ‘Slize‘ Jensen
Jesper ‘keleNt‘ Hansen
Miklas ‘m1kker‘ Bøgvald
Mikkel ‘KENZYY‘ Karlsson
Statement from Nikolaj ‘Zake‘ Jensen:
“We’ve been playing with Jesper(red. keleNt) for some time now, and I say wow! He’s extremely experienced who is a great addition to our team as we lacked a person with the experience to lead us in-game. We’re slowly starting to develop great teamwork and soon every individual player will be able to show their worth as we’ll be practicing for upcoming LANs & tournaments. A huge shoutout to Hammond our coach for his great job in correcting our mistakes as well. We love you, whether you like it or not! I would also like to thank Nafy and the rest of KS for sticking with us even though we’re going through an early roster change.

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  1. Thats Great news! Welcome!

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