KnightS* Gaming expands to Airsoft!

Since 2003 KnightS* Gaming has only been focussed on video games. KnightS* Gaming has been active in many different game genres such as shooters, strategy games, fighting games and sports games. During this period the organization has been particularly active in competitive gaming, also called esports. With advances in technology over the past couple of decades video games became increasingly realistic. Alongside the increasing popularity of shooters – or rather firing weapons at each other in a safe environment – other alternatives to video games became accessible .

One of these alternatives is airsoft. Over the last couple of years airsoft has been developing and growing in popularity around the world. Airsoft replicas are more realistic and durable than ever before. Jurisdiction has been changed to make airsoft more accessible as a sport. KnightS* Gaming members have been practising airsoft on a regular base during for instance team building events and  on vacation. In 2016 KnightS* will start its first airsoft team which will be active on a amateur level in Western Europe.

The team will be participating in multiple airsoft skrims in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. The team also has access to its own practise area in France. This area consists of multiple hectares of forest and grassland. The KnightS* Gaming Airsoft team will be led and managed by Rogier Jansen. Rogier is a successful leader and manager of sports teams.

The complete line-up of the KnightS* Airsoft team is displayed on the team page. All of the team members and the team itself are registered at the The Dutch airsoft interests association (NABV).

NABV team page :

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  1. A new era has begun! 😛

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