KnightS* welcomes Purpose Design as a new sponsor!

KnightS* is very proud to welcome Purpose Design as a new sponsor!

We like a challenge as much as the next person, so what makes us different?

It is in our DNA to share our knowledge and help you and your organization. When you create the best, coolest, most valuable service, event or product, that’s when we’re happy.
We have a strong foundation based on self-development and confidence in our ability. We would love to help you take up your big challenge and further expand on what matters to you.


Our experience enables us to be like a spider in the center of a web. But we don’t like spiders, so we’ll just say we’re great at facilitating different aspects of design, like Design Thinking and UX Design.
When it comes to creativity and innovation, we can take work off your plate. Our background with design and technology enables us to find great tools or the right people for the job for you.

Personal growth

Awareness of what you care about and what you want to achieve is crucial to take your life into your own hands. It takes courage to act on what you think and feel, especially when your entire body is screaming ‘No!’ We are firm believers that mindfulness and self-reflection are amazing ways to get a head-start on your growth, even if it sucks sometimes.
Our experience is this: stepping out of your comfort zone is scary as fuck, but it usually pays back in ways we can’t imagine.


Technology is a great part of our lives. In design it creates new possibilities and in everyday life it makes things better, easier and cooler.
In business, we use the power of the internet to work with people around the world. By outsourcing your work, you free up time to focus the things that are close to your heart.

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