KnightS* Gaming starts Battlefield V community team

The Battlefield V open beta will begin in on September 6. However, if you pre-ordered the game you could start playing two days earlier. This beta will be open for a full week and the full Battlefield V game will be launched October 18. Several (ex)KnightS* Gaming members have been playing the beta and are looking forward to the official release date. The first impressions are good and the beta already made them have allot of fun together. This is why KnightS* gaming has decided to start a Battlefield V community team. To bring back together (ex)KnightS* gaming members and find new friends.

Statement KnightS* Nafy:

I’m really looking forward to this great game. I’ve always liked WW2 themed games and Battlefield games. I’ve already played the Battlefield V beta with (ex)KnightS* Gaming members and we’ve had allot of fun. I would live to expand this group of players, so we have enough members for tactical team-play, every time we would like to play. I hope we will create a great community together.

Its unclear if KnightS* Gaming will start a competitive eSports team for Battlefield V. This will depend on the developing of the game, the eSports community and the KnightS* Battlefield V community team.

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