KnightS* Battlefield V is looking for new players!

KnightS* Gaming is looking for mature Battlefield V players. For a few months several (ex)KnightS* Gaming members have been playing Battlefield 5. The first impressions are good and the game already made them have allot of fun together. This is why KnightS* gaming has decided to start a Battlefield V community team. To bring back together (ex)KnightS* gaming members and find new friends. To play the game how it’s meant to be played, the KnightS* Battlefield V team needs to recruit new members. This is why we are actively looking for new members. Its unclear if KnightS* Gaming will start a competitive eSports team for Battlefield V. This will depend on the developing of the game, the eSports community and the KnightS* Battlefield V community team.

Are you curious and want to check out if you fit in the team? Leave a comment or add Nafy24 on Origin.


  1. Let’s go! 🙂

  2. Add me on Origin or join our Discord when you have time to play 😉

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