KnightS* Quest

Ludwin has been part of the eSports world for a lot of years. He started off in 2000 with the game Delta Force: Land Warrior. In 2002 he moved to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault where he battled with the top of the European scene on ClanBase. In 2003 Call of Duty came out. Ludwin created his own team called KnightS* (KS-Gaming). In 2004 he and his team showed they were the best Dutch Call of Duty team by winning the biggest LAN event in the Netherlands, Netgamez. After the championship he decided to go solo by switching over to FIFA. This way he could spend more time at expanding KS-Gaming with multiple games and was not bound to other people’s schedules any more. Later in 2004 he represented the Dutch FIFA team in Paris during the first FIFA Interactive World cup finals. In the following years he managed to win several tournaments and build up a very successful FIFA team. Meanwhile he also volunteered at World Cyber Games 2007 (USA), 2008 (Germany), and the Antwerp eSports Festival 2008 (Belgium).

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