KnightS* Gaming (KS-Gaming) is a professional Dutch eSports organization since 2003. Their goal is to reach the highest level possible in competitive gaming and provide their players with the best support they can offer. This will be achieved by gathering not only the top players of each gaming discipline but also by giving upcoming talent a chance to expand their gaming career.

KnightS* was founded in 2003 by Ludwin “Quest” de Bruijn in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It started out with one team competing in Call of Duty. This team became a big success and won for example the Dutch Championships in 2004. After the success of this team, KnightS* decided to expand. Since then our players have been visiting a lot of national and international tournaments being very successful and having won over 100 awards.

April 2010 after a period of inactivity Richard “Nafy” Leerm took over the position of Ludwin “Quest” de Bruijn and decided to relaunch KnightS*. After a period of organizing KnightS* returned in January 2011 with a new structure but the same vision. Now we can focus again on our only goal; reach the highest level possible in competitive gaming and provide our players with the best possible support.

We want to thank everyone for their support. Keep checking our website www.KS-Gaming.com for the latest news regarding our line ups, competitions and events that we will be attending.

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