The Dutch Electronic Sports Federation (E-sportbond) was founded at the 1st of July in 2005 and became the first federation for gamers in The Netherlands. Statistics show that within decades eSports will become one of the biggest professional sports in The Netherlands. At the moment there is a lack of structure in eSports and little knowledge about gaming in general. The E-sportbond is looking to fill this void. The goal of the E-sportbond is to make eSports an official sport in The Netherlands and keep it structured. The E-sportbond intends to protect the interests of gamers and promote gaming as a sport.


The Dutch airsoft interests association (NABV) made a great afford to legalize and regulating airsoft in the Netherlands. Since January 2015 its legal to use airsoftguns for training and sports activity's. This allows you to practise airsoft in all its disciplines in the Netherlands. The NABV wants to give everyone the opportunity to become acquainted with this particular sport.


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