KnightS* Counter-Strike: Global Offensive attending CG-LAN #5

1507137_639488536124980_525563040_nThe KnightS* Gaming Counter-Strike: Global offensive team will attend CG-LAN #5 this weekend. The even will take place in Hedensted, Denmark, and will start February 18 @ 08:00 and will end February 21 @ 17:00. The team has been training very hard to achieve the best result possible. However, they had some line-up issues right before the event. Noel “stylez-” Hammer decided to leave the KnightS* and join another team, which is also attending CG-LAN #5. Fortunate , Oskar “semix” Helveg will replace Noel “stylez-” Hammer to make the line-up complete again.

KnightS* Counter-Strike: Global Offensive line up for CG-LAN #5:
dk Nikolaj ‘Zake’ Jensen
dk Mike ‘mik0^’ Holbaek
dk Mathias “vazer” Hyllen
dk Jesper ‘keleNt’ Hansen
dk Oskar “semix” Helveg

Right before CG-LAN #5 the KnightS* Counter-Strike: Global offensive team received some fresh new jerseys from our beloved partner EsportClothing. Of course the team will be wearing the shit out of these new iconic white and blue jerseys so keep your eyes open at CG-LAN #5 or one of the live-steams.

vectorshirt_b_fWe wish our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team the best of luck at CG-LAN #5. Fight hard and achieve something great, but also have lots of fun!


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