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    Hi guys,

    After getting allot of questions about it, I thought it was time to show you guys my full (still improving) airsoft gear. I’m already playing airsoft for a couple of years and I tried to improve my airsoft gear and load-out ever since. First of all I would like to show you a picture the Dutch anti-terror unit (DSI) on which I inspired my load-out.

    There are also lots of other special forces on which I inspired my load-out and gear. For that, check out my Pintrest board “Elite police and military“. I will first show you some pictures of my load-out/gear during some airsoft events: (note that this pictures are a little older and some gear has already been upgraded and replaced)

    nafy2 12828942_1259359047410748_1579190525198454505_o

    I will describe my gear from top to bottom:
    1. Helmet:
    I really like the Ops-Core style helmets but original Ops-Core helmets are way to expensive. This is why I bought a FMA FAST PJ CFH Helmet Replica – Black on This good quality helmet has all the features you would like on our airsoft helmet.

    2. GoPro Camera and mount
    For filming my airsoft action I made sure I have a good action sports camera for the best quality of videos. For this I use a GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition, to be able to film with 60fps and low light modus. To make the camera more suitable for airsoft, I bought a black housing and slilicone cover on Probably its better to buy a genuine Blackout housing because the cheap one I bought already broke ones by a BB shown at the end in THIS VIDEO (and see pictures). I just bought this new helmet NVG mount for GoPro cameras  that should be a lot better than my previous one.

    3. Safety Glasses:
    I think safety goes above all and should not be saved money on. Here in the Netherlands all airsoft safety glasses must have a EN166-F, ANSI z87.1, STANAG 2920 v50 of de 40296 standard. Getting glasses or goggles with these standard is very easy and can be very cheap, but the good anti-fog coasts money. This is why I bought the Bollé Combat Tactical Glasses at To get the glasses to fit better and to make sure there will be absolutely no fog on the glasses I also bought the Bollé Combat foamand strap kit at
    To make sure the glasses will absolutely not fog I also use Nurpol Clear View Anti Fog.

    4. Teeth/face protection:
    I would really like to keep my teeth intact, this is why I want to have face protection. I don’t really like the mash masks allot of airsofters are wearing and this is why I started looking to a alternative. James weekend worrior neopreen hard foam mask which I really like. I also wear a balaclava for protection of the neck and the ears. I tried some balaclavas which I didn’t like because the hole for the eyes wasn’t big enough or they didn’t ventilate at all. I finally found the GFC Coolmax balaclava which fits all my needs.

    5. Plate Carrier:
    For playing airsoft, its very helpful to have a platform to carry all your magazines and equipment on. There are many choices for those platforms but I chose the milspec Warrior Assault Systems DCS DA 5.56mm Plate Carrier – Black. This is a more expensive plate carrier but its absolutely one with the best quality and durability. On the back of the plate carrier I put a Condor Tidepool Hydration Carrier to make sure I can drink some water during skirms. At the top of the plate carrier I attached my Condor COBRA one point bungee sling to attach my airsoft replica.

    6. Jacket:
    As a jacket I’m wearing a official Dutch military DPM NBC suit. I bought the suit at a Dutch military dump store and what I really like about the jacket is it fits right above you combat belt. Also its not getting very warm because the air keeps flowing underneath it. Also the fabric is very robust and thick enough to absorb BB impacts. Underneath i just wear a standard Dutch army DPM t-shirt.


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