KnightS* CS:GO team attending hlparty

The KnightS* Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team joined our organisation about a year ago, and they are attending their first LAN under the KnightS* Gaming flag. Hlparty is a LAN in the Danish town of Hillerød, has a capacity of 200 gamers and is held from October 14th until October 17th. The KnightS* CS:GO team will participate in the CS:GO competition which is sponsored by Xtrfy and has some fun hardware prices.

The KnightS* CS:GO team will participate with the following line-up:
Nikolaj ‘Zake’ Jensen
Jacob ‘Slize’ Jensen
Miklas ‘m1kker’ Bøgvald
Jesper ‘keleNt’ Hansen
Mathias ‘eMjay’ Eriksen

We wish our CS:GO team the best of luck on hlparty! Stay tuned on or Facebook and Twitter page for the latest details about our CS:GO team at hlparty!

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