New Esportclothing Jerseys for KnightS* CS:GO


Esportclothing is a most loyal partner for KnightS* in the last twelve year of our history. In 2013 Esportclothing designed and produced their first KnightS* Gaming jersey. Those iconic jerseys with the new logo and distinctive blue and white design served their purpose and were outstanding in the eSport events ever since the first event they featured as our team clothing. Because of the outstanding craftsmanship and great quality of the fabric, those first jerseys look like new today. Because of the very unfortunate fact that some of the jerseys magically disappeared, we were in need of new ones. This because our CS:GO team will attend the CG-LAN #5 the 18th of February. Because of Esportclothing’s outstanding effort they made sure that the jerseys were finished before the LANevent resulting in the fact that we are now very happy that we received those jerseys this week!

A very big thanks to Esportclothing for delivering on such outstanding quality products, great customer-service and making sure that the jerseys were done in a very short period of time! Stay tuned on our website and social media to see more photos of the CS:GO team and our jerseys in action during the CG-LAN #5, see you soon!


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  1. Looking great as always!

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